A little tribute to the QUITE HYPE end of the Nuzlocke stream from the super best friends. 

Good job guys.



The Two Best Friends Nuzlocke livestream was one of the hypest things the Zaibatsu has ever done. From start to finish, it felt like Woolie recaptured the charm and entertainment he initially planned for the playthrough. And what an ending! The entire Elite Four run and rival battle were so nail biting and intense, and I am thrilled they pulled through with a victory. R.I.P. Ludacris, Shockmastr, and LL Cool J - you three played a big role in that final stretch. Kamina came through in a big way. 

Again, way to go Woolie and the rest of the Zaibatsu! Y’all did great. 



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Woolsworth The Second


Hyrule Warriors is game of the year and I don’t even have a Wii U.

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Michael Komarck - A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE



Accurate fanart, down to the antlered helm. So much love.


The CPR We Don’t See on TV

Some have suggested that misrepresentations of CPR on television may lead patients to have unrealistic expectations of what the procedure entails and the likelihood of success. Survival rates for patients receiving CPR on popular, prime-time medical TV shows have traditionally been much higher than in the real world. One study found that 75 percent of TV patients who receive CPR are alive immediately after, and 67 percent of patients survive in the long term. Other research has shown that though recent shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” have more accurate immediate survival rates, they are still misleading.”

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Super Mario World, SNES.


Super Mario World, SNES.